People who’ve grown up in the processing industry:

The continuity and assurance of a family business.

Entrepreneurs tend to eat, sleep and live their business. This deep-seated passion for what they do often rubs off on the family as well.

Such was the case with Willard A. Tompkins and his son, Tom, who co-founded our company in 1959. Their early success soon attracted Willard’s second son, Bob, to come onboard.

Our family-business success story continues to this day. W.A. Tompkins is now owned and led by cousins Scott Tompkins and Mark Tompkins, the sons of Tom and Bob respectively. Since the mid-1970s, their 55 years of collective experience in the sanitary process industry includes positions held at other leading companies, in addition to their in-depth involvement here at W.A. Tompkins.