The expertise and experience to pull it all together.

And to keep systems running cleanly and smoothly.

Choosing the right equipment is just the first step in building a streamlined and reliable process. W.A. Tompkins is equipped to provide a wide range of top-flight services for engineering, fabrication, installation, repair and preventive maintenance. Our expert service team is staffed by professionals — including certified technicians for pump and homogenizer repair — with an average of 25+ years in the industry.

Explore the detailed listing of our services below. You’ll begin to get a sense why W.A. Tompkins has become a go-to resource for leading industrial processors across the US and abroad.

Key Service Areas Process Piping Components
Certified Pump/Homogenizer Repair Tubing
Sanitary Mechanical Installation Fittings
Process Automation Manifolds
Project Management Custom Fabrications
Engineering Gaskets/Extrusions and O-Rings
Packing & Material Handling Systems Piping System Parts
Flow Plates
ASME coded vessels
Heat Exchangers Process Systems
Scrape Surface CIP/COP Systems
Corrugated Tubular Blending
Shell and Tube Thermal Process Systems
Plate and Frame Product Recovery Systems
Hot Water Set / Stand Pipe Certified Metering / Loadout
Tanks & Tank Parts  Pumps
Mix tanks from 30 to 10,000 gallons Positive Displacement
Silos to 60,000 gallons Centrifugal
ASME coded vessels Shear
Single shell Diaphragm
Jacketed Peristaltic
Kettles Progressive Cavity
Drum Unloaders
Piston Pumps/Homogenizers
Sanitary Pressure Gauges & Transmitters
Sanitary Level Gauges & Transmitters
Sanitary Temp Gauges & Transmitters
Process Control Systems
Chart Recorders